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Insurance Waivers

Insurance Waiver* | noun

The intentional and voluntary surrender of a right, claim, or privilege; the decision to opt-out of UW international insurance because of proof of equal and adequate coverage, thus waiving the UW insurance requirement, enrollment, and cost.

Insurance Waiver Deadlines

Departure quarter

Due date

Early Fall

May 1

Autumn Quarter

July 1

Winter Quarter

October 15

Spring Quarter

January 15

Summer Quarter

April 1


Do I qualify for an insurance waiver?

If I am traveling to my home country: NO.

We understand that most countries have universal healthcare or insurance coverage for its citizens. However, most national healthcare plans do not include security evacuation coverage or access to 24/7 emergency assistance. Your UW international insurance provides coverage in the event of an evacuation, such as from political instability or a natural disaster, in addition to giving you access to International SOS. Returning to a home country where you have health insurance will only be considered for a waiver if you have documentation that proves you have equal and equivalent coverage – meaning that your in-country insurance policy would cover security and safety events like evacuations.


If I have domestic US insurance, including GAIP and ISHIP: NO.

Most US insurance plans do not have international coverage. Domestic insurance plans, such as those through Cigna, Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, or Kaiser, will not be sufficient to opt-out of UW travel insurance. Save yourself the extra steps and do not apply for an insurance waiver; it will not be approved.


If I am participating in a partner program, already have travel insurance, or overseas military insurance: MAYBE.

Be aware that most travel insurances do not meet UW standards. UW international emergency insurance for students is extremely comprehensive; to qualify for an insurance waiver, you must prove equal and adequate international insurance coverage. TRICARE Prime, CISI (such as through a partner University) or GeoBlue Premium Insurance Coverage would be examples of insurance waiver submissions that could potentially be approved.

Compare your insurance plan with UW Student Abroad Insurance.



Most insurance plans required by exchanges or international universities don’t meet UW student insurance standards (read more about the official UW policy). You can either request that the hosting university waive their requirement (which for many countries, like Germany, won’t be possible) or you’ll have to purchase both the insurance of your program and UW insurance.

If you’ve read over your host program’s policy and think that it meets UW standards (including at least $500,000 of medical coverage, $250,000 for medical evacuation, and $50,000 for repatriation of mortal remains) feel free to submit an insurance waiver and we’ll give it a look.

Sure, but it was denied for a reason.

If we’ve denied your insurance waiver, it’s because we do not believe that you have adequate insurance coverage in the event of an emergency, per UW’s policy. If the worst happens, we want to have every resource available to help you – and you’ll want that too. However, if you are positive you have equal coverage and think we made a mistake in denying your waiver, feel free to reach out.

We’re here to help! We know insurance can get complicated – we’re here so that, especially in the event of an emergency, you don’t have worry about it. If you have questions related to your UW insurance, submitting an insurance waiver, or if you qualify for one, email us at

*UW Global Travel Health and Safety reserves the right to approve or deny requests for insurance waivers for the protection and at the best interest of UW students traveling abroad.