Universal Design as a Topic of Instruction

Universal design can be built in as a topic in many pre-existing courses, particularly in web/software design, history, diversity, engineering, and science.

  • Teach Access
    Learn how to integrate accessibility and UD topics into computing courses.
  • Including Universal Design in the Engineering Curriculum
    Discover how learning around universal design prepares engineering students to design products that are usable by a wide variety of potential users, including people with disabilities.
  • Disability and Accessibility in Engineering: What Can Educators Do?
    Hear about contributions people with disabilities make to engineering fields and how learning about universal design and accessibility can help engineers design better products.
  • Published Articles and Books
    Explore a rich literature base of articles that share research and practice regarding the application of universal design in postsecondary education, with specific focus under the header  “Teaching About Universal Design.”