Case Study: Dinyo

My name is Dinyo, and I am a researcher. I have co-authored three publications in the field of information technology and radiation physics. Because of my persistence and interest in engineering, I have decided to pursue a graduate degree in electrical and computer engineering with the intention of starting a career in electrical engineering, either in energy options or other areas. I see research as an avenue to contribute to the work of knowledge, and knowledge brings about innovation.

Since I started my graduate program in engineering, I have not worked in a physical lab due to the pandemic, but I hope to work in an engineering lab this coming school year. Even though I haven’t been in a physical lab, during the last two semesters I have worked on a few course group projects, which include: Overview and Application of Radar Sensors for Automobiles and Modeling and Simulation of a Cart-Ball (or Cart-Cylinder) Control System. Science is the building block of technology. The basic understanding of science has helped in implementing various research. Being on a research team has taught me how to best function within a group, maximize efficiency and embrace team effort.

I have also learned to believe in myself. I have concluded that human resources are evenly distributed but require our abilities to search deep through regular studying and researching. It is important to know that you may turn out to be the only member of your group in your chosen field of engineering research; don't be discouraged, you are a frontrunner, few started before many joined. Don't give up because we count on you as a means of encouragement to many underrepresented groups.

Every opportunity given to one member of an underrepresented group is motivation for all. Our divergent views and backgrounds, if well-harnessed, could propel our curiosity and creativity towards actualizing a common goal. Engineering faculty must be willing to create a sense of belonging for students from underrepresented groups. They need encouragement and motivation to keep going; as long as they don't feel isolated, they will stay focused, be confident, and finish strong.