Articles and Resource List on Accessibility and Universal Design

There are myriad resources online that can be used in an engineering classroom to explore topics related to accessibility and disability.  This accessibility brief introduces some resources you may like to share with students or colleagues to learn more about accessibility and inform discussions around these topics.

Including People with Disabilities in Design

Design, Social Justice, and Culture

Examples of Accessible Design

Experiences of People with Disabilities

  • This is How Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals Use Technology [Buzzfeed News, January 17, 2018]
    Blind and visually impaired users talk about technology they use including audio description, Braille displays, and more.
  • Ask an Autistic [YouTube] ​
    Amythest Schaber’s YouTube channel answers questions about what it is like to be an autistic.
  • The Tommy Edison Experience [Youtube]
    Film critic Tommy Edison shares how he navigates daily life as a blind person.
  • Making Disability Less Abstract [The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 22, 2017]
    Allan B. Goldstein’s class pairs engineering students with adults with disabilities to make short films about what their lives are like.
  • The “Quadfather” visits the CSNE  [Center for Neurotechnology, August 24, 2017]
    Paraplegic Todd Stabelfeldt uses a variety of technology to navigate his daily life.
  • Disability & Innovation: The Benefits of Universal Design [YouTube]​
    Haben Girma, the first deaf blind person to graduate from Harvard Law School, advocates for accessibility and inclusion, arguing that improvements for accessibility can make technology better for a wide audience.
  • What’s Disability to Me? [World Health Organization]
    These videos from the World Health Organization feature individuals with disabilities talking about their experiences and ways they use technology.
  • What I've learned from my learning disabilities [AAAS, October 26, 2017]
    Postdoc Collin R. Diedrich faced obstacles along the way in his STEM career as a person with a learning disability.

Making and Makerspaces

Accessibility Webinars and Tutorials

Teaching Accessibility & Simulation

Discussion Questions

  • What have you learned from these materials about the experiences of people with disabilities? Designing technology for people with disabilities?
  • How do you think knowledge related to disability or accessibility will be useful for you in your career?
  • Have you been exposed to these topics in other courses or elsewhere?