Living in a College Dorm

Anita and Aja, Phase I Scholars

We’ve learned a few things you should expect about dorm life, including living with a roommate, quiet hours, and using co-ed or shared bathrooms. All of these things can take some adjustment time.

Image of a group of students posing for the camera on craft night
Phase I Scholars hang out in the dorm lounge during Summer Study 2014

In a dorm, you will likely be assigned a roommate. It is important to be open-minded and have good communication skills. Even if you and your roommate are exact opposites, it can still be an enjoyable experience. The important thing to remember is that you’re not the only one that is going through this transition. Set up a plan with your roommate; for example, decide on separate spaces for each other’s things. That way each of you has an area to call your own.

In a college dorm there are designated quiet hours. It is important to respect these because people may be sleeping or studying, and hopefully people will extend the same courtesy to you when you need quiet time.

Many college dorms have shared bathrooms. They are sometimes co-ed, meaning males and females share the same bathrooms. These bathrooms can feel awkward at first. You don’t always know where to go, where to look, and where to do your business. One tip is to bring your clothes with you and change in the shower area. Another tip is to double check that there isn’t anyone in the stall you want to use (because nobody wants to experience that awkward moment). Just remember to respect people’s space, because not all of us feel comfortable with the same things.