Without Parent Supervision

Jason and Teo, Phase I Scholars
Image of two students posing during karaoke night
Phase II Scholar Kayla on a break with DO-IT Staff Kayla Brown, who stayed in the dorms over Summer Study 2014 and aided in emergencies, morning wake up, and any anxieties Scholars may have away from home.

You learn a lot when you’re away from your parents. Summer Study taught us how to take responsibility, and helped us figure out what college life is like.

There is some adult supervision at Summer Study, for safety and to help us find things around the university. But for the most part, we took care of ourselves. We learned to keep important objects on us at all times, like our room keys. We also learned how to live with a roommate, and how important it is to communicate with the other person.

Without our parents to tell us to go to bed, we had to figure out how to get enough sleep to feel rested and get stuff done on time. We learned to be more independent.