Coming Together

Sean and Eric, Phase I Scholars
Image of students having fun making tetrahedron kites during Summer Study
Phase I Scholars Kennedy, Aja, and Anita hang out during one of their classes during Summer Study 2014.

DO-IT is a place where kids with different types of disabilities come together for almost two weeks and learn about college life. All of us have often felt that we are different, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Upon first meeting, we made friends right away because we all had things in common.

Throughout Summer Study, it was fun and interesting to see how everyone coped with their differences. Our fellow Scholars were able to provide us with new ideas that could help us with our own disabilities, and we acquired a broader perspective on all of the different kinds of assistive technologies that are available.

We all came together and bonded without being reminded that we’re different, because at DO-IT, we all fit in.