If a student with a disability qualifies for accommodations in high school, will they receive the same accommodations in college?

High schools are entities covered under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. When they attend college, students with disabilities will not necessarily continue to receive the same accommodations that they received in high school.

What advice can be given to teens as they prepare for careers?

Advise teens that they need to start exploring their career interests and developing their job skills now! In today's competitive job market, it is essential that everyone possess skills and relevant job experience that will set them apart from others. Work-based learning experiences can help teens focus their career interests and develop job skills.

For more information, consult the video and publication Learn and Earn: Tips for Teens.

What are steps to a computing career?

Taking classes in science, technology, and mathematics in high school, transitioning to college, and participating in work-based learning activities, are a few of the important steps toward a career in a computing field. Educators, parents, and other advocates can help students with disabilities reach critical junctures by providing mentor and family support, promoting the use of technology, engaging students in activities designed to develop self-determination and computing interests, and offering internships, research experiences, and other work-based learning opportunities.

What resources are available for parents of students with disabilities?

Parents of youth with disabilities have unique opportunities to promote their successful transition to postsecondary education, employment, and full adult participation in society. Families can assist in the transition process by providing adolescents with direction in their exploration of interests, guidance in career and college planning, and encouragement as they pursue their dreams. Parents can provide the foundation for young people to become self-determined, to learn decision-making skills, and to gain access to resources.

What is the DO-IT Pals program and application process?

The DO-IT Pals program is an online community for middle and high school students with disabilities who are interested in college and challenging careers. The program includes frequent electronic mail and personal contact with Mentors and other DO-IT Pals. Mentors are college students, faculty, and practicing engineers, scientists, and other professionals, many of whom have disabilities themselves.