How to Use These Materials

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The training materials in this notebook will help you design and integrate Internet activities into your camp program. Use them for independent study or to create presentations which will stimulate discussions and action. Additional resources can be found at the DO-IT World Wide Web home page at

This notebook includes the following collection of materials.

How to DO-IT

The section called How to DO-IT guides you through six steps to help you achieve your program goals. Five case studies describing experiences at specific camps give you examples to consider in your program planning.

Teaching Strategies

This section includes ten ready-made sample lesson plans and activity worksheets that can be used with your camp. Permission is granted to duplicate the worksheets for use by your camp. Following the worksheets is a section on teaching strategies which can be applied by instructors regardless of the ages, abilities, and interests of your campers.


A reference list and glossary are included to help you further your understanding of concepts presented and find additional resources for developing Internet activities for your campers.

Presentation Tools

The last section includes materials that can be used for independent learning and for presentations to staff, volunteers, and campers. The five separate videotape presentations are:

Handout templates that can be duplicated and distributed to staff, volunteers, or campers individually or during presentations are included inside the notebook pouch. They can be easily duplicated and, as with the videotape presentations, permission is granted to copy them for educational, non-commercial purposes provided the source is acknowledged. The handout template titles included in this notebook are: