Bringing ERCs into the INCLUDES National Network (2019)

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This publication shares the proceedings of the ERC-INCLUDES Capacity Building Institute (CBI). The content may be useful for people who

About the CBI

The goals of the CBI were to integrate evidence-based broadening participation practices of INCLUDES into the ERCs, share ERC diversity activities and outcomes to inform research and practice of INCLUDES projects, and build a durable collaborative infrastructure for broadening participation in NSF-funded research through the engagement of ERCs with the NSF INCLUDES National Network.

Participants discussed their unique learning goals for the CBI, which included the following:

  • Connecting with other participants for collaborative grant writing
  • Discovering ways to scale up inclusion practices in specific INCLUDES projects
  • Widening the knowledge base of best practices for broadening participation 
  • Implementing broadening participation strategies utilized by ERCs
  • Gathering information to develop a tip sheet or other tools related to diversity and inclusion
  • Understanding better ways to recruit and retain underrepresented students
  • Learning about meaningful ways to participate in activities of the INCLUDES National Network
  • Identifying how to improve opportunities to connect virtually with participants and stakeholders
  • Discovering ways to include more engineering activities in outreach activities
  • Understanding best practices for engaging current and future STEM faculty to ensure faculty are diverse
  • Ensuring educators are welcoming and inclusive in the classroom
  • Learning about methods to partner with industry
  • Improving project and program accessibility for students with disabilities
  • Enhancing the ability to leverage technology to provide mentoring virtually
  • Understanding how to encourage underrepresented students to pursue PhDs
  • Exploring ways to have a national impact together