AccessSTEM Website & Searchable Knowledge Base

Photo of female student working at a laptop in a computer lab

The AccessSTEM website ( contains:

  • information about project goals
  • resources for students with disabilities
  • materials for postsecondary faculty and staff
  • information on how to get involved, and program applications

AccessSTEM staff maintain a searchable database of frequently asked questions, case studies, and promising practices related to how educators and employers can fully include students with disabilities in computing activities. The Knowledge Base can be accessed by following the "Search Knowledge Base" link on the AccessSTEM website.

The Knowledge Base is an excellent resource for ideas that can be implemented in programs in order to better serve students with disabilities. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to propose questions and answers, case studies, and promising practices. In particular, the promising practices articles serve to spread the word about practices that show evidence of improving the participation of people with disabilities in STEM. Contributions and suggestions can be sent to