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    The Elevator Pitch Contests and Workshops were attended by a total of 95 participants and 42 industry mentors. These events were highly rated, and one mentor match resulted in a full-time, permanent job placement at the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • AccessSTEM CAREERS has hosted the annual on-campus Workforce Recruitment Program for college students and recent graduates. Participants receive assistance with resume building, elevator pitch and mock phone interview preparation allowing them to be more successful in the process. As of 2015, at least 5 participants found full-time work through WRP and over 70% reported being contacted by WRP hiring managers.
  • Four college career centers have completed accessibility reviews, where STEM students with disabilities tour the facility and speak with staff members to create a report about the accessibility of physical environments, staffing and training, information resources, technology, and event planning. All four reported making changes based on these reviews.
  • The UW Career Center, through AccessSTEM CAREERS, has piloted a Resume Book specifically for students with disabilities who want their resume available to recruiters.
  • The Bellevue College Center for Career Connections partnered with AccessSTEM CAREERS and the Washington State Business Leadership Network to host a Disability Career Fair. Over 200 students and job seekers attended the event, including over 60 who came to the student preparation pre-event and support room focused on elevator pitches, resumes and general job search support strategies hosted by AccessSTEM CAREERS.