Access to Informal STEM Learning Capacity Building Institute (2022)

Informal STEM Learning (ISL) refers to learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) outside of the traditional classroom, in settings such as museums, science centers, and summer camps. The Access to Informal STEM Learning (AccessISL) project collaborated with the NSF INCLUDES Alliance: The Alliance of Students with Disabilities for Inclusion, Networking, and Transition Opportunities in STEM (TAPDINTO-STEM) to host the Access to Informal STEM Learning Capacity Building Institute (CBI) on March 2 and 3, 2022. At the online event, attendees shared challenges and solutions regarding equitable access to ISL. They identified specific ways stakeholders can work together to increase universal design, accessibility, and systemic change as it relates to informal STEM learning.

The content of these proceedings may be useful for people who:

  • participated in the workshop
  • are STEM educators
  • are interested in equitable and accessible informal STEM learning
  • are motivated to engage in an electronic community to discuss these issues
  • have promising practices to share with others

“The vision is that museums can make the world a better place, and the power of museums lies in the role of the playing, learning, well-being, community-building, and social justice. Museum professionals are connectors and that means that inclusion is central to our work—inclusion for all.” – AccessISL co-PI Meena Selvakumar on the Museology Master of Arts Program’s core beliefs.