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Museology Sep 2021

Museology Master of Arts Program

Museology Master of Arts Program

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Now accepting applications for Fall 2023
enrollment through June 15, 2023.
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Our core beliefs

  • Museums can make the world a better place
  • The power of museums lies in the role they play in learning, wellbeing, community building, and social justice
  • Museum professionals are connectors – they are storytellers, dialogue facilitators, community liaisons, designers, evaluators, researchers, project managers, and more.

The world has fundamentally changed. The global pandemic has affected all areas of society, but the inequities and vulnerabilities it exposed are not new. We believe that museums are playing and will continue to play a vital role in rebuilding our communities. Museums will look different than they do today, but at the core, they remain organizations devoted to learning, wellbeing, community building, and social justice.

Our program at a glance

We are a two-year, full-time, in-person program based on the University of Washington's main Seattle campus. We are a people-centered program and operate on a cohort model because we believe the most powerful learning happens as part of a community. We embrace the interdisciplinarity inherent in museum studies and maintain a broad and flexible curriculum adaptable to students' unique backgrounds and interests.

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New courses

Our new courses are developed to address current and future trends in the field.
- Museums and technology
- Museums and racial justice
- Community engagement

Explore new courses

Specialization in Museum Evaluation

We believe in the power of evidence-based practice. The Specialization in Museum Evaluation teaches students a wide range of skills that will prepare them to incorporate museum evaluation into their work.

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Paid internships

We are committed to equity and research in the museum field. The goal of our paid internship pilot is to make museum work accessible to students who are not able to work without compensation. We hope that this initiative will contribute to the larger, field-wide conversation on the implications of unpaid museum internships.


"Launching our paid internship program makes a statement, as a museum studies program, about who we are and what we value. It’s not a solution to field-wide issues, but it’s a concrete step that we can take to further the conversation. It’s also an excellent fit with our focus on practice informed by research and evaluation."
- Jessica Luke, Director