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Welcome to Museology

Today, June 12, 2020, Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County (BLMSKC) calls on Seattleites to strike and march in the pursuit of racial justice for black people in our communities. BLMSKC officials write, “It’s up to you to make sure your local officials feel the pressure to improve police accountability and dismantle the structural racism that has been built into all of our institutions.” Museology faculty and staff stand in solidarity with our black and brown students and colleagues, on this day, and every day.


Structural racism exists in all of our institutions, higher education and museums included. We are part of the problem. But we can also be part of the change. The Museology Program’s work is focused on advancing racial equity in museums. By creating an Equity Team, we are working to break down the white, normative culture in our program that creates barriers to graduate education for black and brown students. By diversifying our student cohort, we are working to create pathways into the museum workforce for black and brown students. By funding a paid internship program, we are working to give black and brown students equal access to unpaid job experiences. By integrating equity and racial justice into our courses, we are working to give all students the knowledge and skills to disrupt white supremacy in the museums in which they will work. By supporting student research in social justice, we are working to highlight evidence-based practices that can bring about racial change in museums.


Our work has just begun. We have much more to do. Today, June 12, 2020, we are reflecting on how we can answer BLMSKC’s call to dismantle the structural racism in the university and in museums. We hear you. We are listening. We are working for change.


Jessica J. Luke
Director, Museology Graduate Program