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International Student Stories: Vikram Guhan Subbiah from India

“Am I Indian or am I American?”

Vikram was born in America, but grew up in India. He grew up speaking Hindi, watching Bollywood movies, and listening to Indian songs. By the time he came to the U.S to attend UW, he knew he was not American as his passport said, at least not culturally. However, this did not stop him. He decided to embrace both of his identities and went to play cards with his Saudi Arabian buddies, learn pick up lines from his Brazilian friends, and learn about different ethnic groups in East Africa from his Eritrean friend. He chose to grow and broaden his perspective by simple saying “hi” to a friend eating at Local Point food court.

Listen to his story to hear about his experience as a American citizen, spending most of his time in India and coming back to UW.