UW Brand


Note: The letterhead templates are now accessible.

Although the visual branding for the University has been refreshed, the University’s logo systems and business stationery remain consistent — including letterhead, envelopes and business cards. You may update the color of the block W in your department signature logo to reflect the current University color palette. However, no other changes are required for your stationery to be on brand.

And for more graphic Word templates visit styled Word documents.

Do-it-yourself template for University business stationery

Follow the instructions in the document. Customize logos and your address in the header/footer section. Elements styled in the header/footer may appear as black on screen. This is a viewing function only, and will be in full color when file is saved as a PDF or printed. To remove elements from the header/footer, simply select graphics, copy and paste into main document.

To use these templates you will need to download our brand fonts.



Boundless W letterhead template










Branded department signature template










Matrix department signature template 

(Note: This template also requires the font Matrix. This font may ONLY be used for logo creation in this document, not for body copy.)