UW Brand

Panel Card Invitation

RECENTLY UPDATED, the templates below are now accessible.

Customizable double-sided panel cards allow you to create your own on brand invitations.

There are two orientations, horizontal and vertical, with three designs each: Cherry Blossoms, PNW Night Sky and Purple and Gold. All type is editable and photos can also be replaced with your own choice of imagery. They are half-letter size (5.5 in. x 8.5 in.).

Download and install the University fonts prior to using the files below.

Horizontal Downloads

Cherry Blossoms Horizontal – Word Doc

PanelCardInvitation-Horizontal-Cherry-Sample PanelCardInvitation-Horizontal-PicBack-Sample

Night Sky Horizontal – Word Doc

PanelCardInvitation-Horizontal-Silo-Sample PanelCardInvitation-Horizontal-PicBack-Sample

Purple and Gold Horizontal – Word Doc

PanelCardInvitation-Horizontal-PurpleGoldFront-Sample PanelCardInvitation-Horizontal-PurpleGoldBack-Sample

All Styles Horizontal – InDesign


Vertical Downloads

Cherry Blossoms Vertical – Word Doc

PanelCardInvitation-Vertical-Cherry-Sample PanelCardInvitation-Vertical-PicBack-Sample

Night Sky Vertical – Word Doc

PanelCardInvitation-Vertical-Silo-Sample PanelCardInvitation-Vertical-PicBack-Sample

Purple and Gold Vertical – Word Doc

PanelCardInvitation-Vertical-PurpleGoldFront-Sample PanelCardInvitation-Vertical-PurpleGoldBack-Sample

All Styles – InDesign