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Fact sheet

RECENTLY UPDATED, the design styles are new and the Word templates are now accessible.

Download templates for fact sheets and more. The templates are available in three design styles that accommodate a range of content.

Download and install the University fonts prior to using the files below.

When using the Word file, customize logos, photos and layout options in either the header/footer or in the master pages found in the publishing view. Elements styled in the header/footer may appear as black on screen. This is a viewing function only, and will be in full color when the file is saved as a PDF or printed. To remove elements from the header/footer, simply select graphics and copy and paste into the main document.

If you are sharing this document for editing, you may need to replace the brand fonts with MS Office-compatible fonts. Arial Black is a good substitution for Encode Sans, Calibri Light may be substituted for Uni Sans and Calibri Regular may be substituted for Open Sans.

 FactSheet-V1-Thumb1  FactSheet-V1-Thumb2

Download Style 1 Word Doc

Download Style 1 InDesign  

FactSheet-V2-Thumb1  FactSheet-V2-Thumb2

Download Style 2 Word Doc

Download Style 2 InDesign  

FactSheet-V3-Thumb1  FactSheet-V3-Thumb2

Download Style 3 Word Doc

Download Style 3 InDesign