UW Brand

Styled headline

Part of being boundless means breaking through constraints and we’ve taken that approach in the use of our graphic elements. We’ve unleashed our former band and converted it to a bar, allowing it to become an active platform for headlines and have a greater presence in layouts.

The bar, like the Boundless band, has an angle on the interior end that echos the 15-degree angle of the block W shape. The bar may be used in any of the brand colors.

The bar should always be used in conjunction with headlines, or other call out text (like pull-quotes, for example). It is not a stand alone graphic element.

Creating our headlines

Using the Encode Sans font, we’ve created a relationship between the typography treatment and the bar that allows type to feel bolder and gives the bar a more active role in layouts. Consistent use of these elements will give them the power they deserve.


To create the bar, use the x-width of a letter stem (see below), to create a base measurement. Use the x-width to measure the height of the bar. This is not a perfect solution for every instance, but will give you a starting point for building styled headlines.

To avoid appearing like it is underlining portions of words, the bar should always end at the middle of a letterform.


Space and bleed

Use two x-widths to measure the space between the bottom of the headline and the top of the bar. As an option, the bar can bleed off the page.


Bar downloads