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The UW Signature Logo System effectively links our campuses, schools, academic units, and administrative offices with the University of Washington brand. Every member of the University community plays an important role maintaining logo integrity by applying this system consistently throughout all University communications.

The Department Signature system allows individual units to construct a custom identity using the Block W logo, the Wordmark and by determining the contents of a primary, secondary and tertiary Field. The Department Signature includes left aligned and centered options. The font style (point size, capitalization and bolding) is specific in each field and should not be altered.

Department signature ordering system

To ensure the integrity of Department Signatures, units should not attempt to create their own logo. A system has been developed through UW Creative+Communications to produce Department Signature Art Packs based on directions from units.

UW Creative+Communications has an ordering system to fulfill all Department Signature requests. These logos are created for $35. Your order will produce a Department Signature Artpack in these formats:

  • eps (black only)
  • png (2-color, 1-color and 1-color reverse)

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Department signature system


logo example

logo example