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Campaign retractable banners

Customizable Campaign retractable banner templates allow you to create your own on-brand campaign mobile signage. We’ve partnered with Creative Communications (C2) to make ordering easy, and printing affordable.

Two template styles: solid background, image background are available as InDesign idml files. C2 has access to all the original artwork to make printing worry-free. Simply email your C2 account manager a screen capture of the banner you would like, and they will get it printed and delivered to you in about 3 days.

Want a custom solution. C2 can help you customize any of the designs below.

Download Campaign retractable banner image templates

Campaign banner image1  Campaign banner image2

Download Campaign retractable banner solid templates

Campaign banner banner1  Campaign banner banner2  Campaign banner banner3  Campaign banner banner4  Campaign banner banner5  Campaign banner banner6  Campaign banner banner7