UW Brand

Brand tenets

Rooted in our personality traits, our tenets celebrate the beliefs and perspectives that unite us. They are a set of principles or values that define the UW just as much as the people who choose to come here. The tenets are also a tool for bringing a bold, consistent message to the UW brand story.

The tenets below reflect our collective mindset: Together, we are boundless.

  • Undaunted
  • We > Me
  • Dare to Do
  • Be the First
  • Question the Answer
  • Passion Never Rests
  • Be A World of Good
  • Together We Will

How should a tenet be used?

Here are some of the possible ways to apply a brand tenet in your messaging:

  • A big, bold, front-and-center headline that is the driving force behind a story or message, such as a poster, T-shirt or image shared on social media. (See the visual guidelines for examples.)
  • A headline or subhead in copy. (See the sample copy in the brand pillars section.)
  • Infused in copy thematically rather than using the tenet phrasing directly.