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About the URP

Our Values

The Undergraduate Research Program (URP) values:

  • Each student's individual learning path;
  • Research as a deep learning experience, which motivates understanding of basic concepts through their application to a real problem and helps students to develop a deeper understanding of more complex materials.

We provide students with:

  • A safe place for intellectual risk-taking;
  • Practice in formulating good questions;
  • Insight into the lives and work of faculty;
  • Confidence in themselves as creative participants in their fields;
  • An opportunity for active learning, rather than the passive reception of knowledge;
  • An opportunity to think about the relationships between knowledge and methods across disciplines.

We value undergraduate participation in research as a way to afford faculty members:

  • Naive, fresh points of view that may reveal new ways of seeing accepted ideas;
  • A sense of undergraduates as partners in uncovering new knowledge, rather than as the recipients of what the faculty member already knows;
  • The chance to communicate their joy and passion about their research to students;
  • An opportunity to bring new students into their fields.

We value the role that undergraduate research plays in relationship to:

  • Each student's overall undergraduate experience;
  • Classroom learning;
  • Personal growth and development of long term educational and career goals;
  • Building a community of student scholars;
  • Other kinds of experiential learning that allow students to extend and practice their learning.

We value the public presentation of each student's work as:

  • A completion step in the research process;
  • A means by which to build a community of undergraduate scholars; and,
  • A way to help students develop basic skills that are transferable.

We value collaboration with faculty, departments, programs, and other institutions in support of student learning.