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Research Ethics

If you are an undergraduate researcher who deals with human or animal subjects, be sure that you are fully informed about and compliant with the UW policy and federal regulatory requirements for conducting research with humans and animals.

To find out which training you need to complete for your research, visit the Office of Research’s Required Training page.

For work with humans, visit the Human Subjects Division website. If you need help with approval, please contact Deborah Dickstein, the Undergraduate Research Review Administrator, at or 206 543-5971.

Research with youth (i.e., those under age 18) must comply with Administrative Policy Statement 10.13, which confers additional responsibilities upon the research team. Review the APS 10.13 Policy resource guide for researchers and contact the Office of the Youth Protection Coordinator at for additional assistance.

For work with animals, visit the UW Office of Animal Welfare website. Training is also available through the Animal Use Training Program.

The following web sites include insightful information on research ethics: