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Research Opportunities Database

We maintain a database of research opportunities located on campus and the surrounding Seattle area that are actively recruiting UW undergraduates.

Read this Before Using the Database:

The database is accessible to UW students and staff with a UW NetID. If it is your first time using the database, you will need to create an Expo account using the link below. New opportunities are added all year-round.
  • Mentors interested in posting an opportunity to the database can find more information here.
This is not a comprehensive list of all the research opportunities available for UW undergraduates!
  • The database is made up of opportunities submitted to us by research mentors, but not all mentors choose to post their opportunities. Some research mentors prefer that undergraduates meet with them to explore potential research topics together. Additionally, some departments may have lists of opportunities that are not posted on this database.

How to Use the Database:

Do this:

Identify what kind of research is currently happening.
  • Look through the postings to see examples of current research projects and think about what kind of research you may be interested in doing. While many of the opportunities are STEM-related, know that inquiry in the arts and humanities is active and thriving! Students interested in arts and humanities research should meet with a Office of Undergraduate Research advisor to learn more about how to get involved in these fields.

Recognize that the database is a great starting point for students beginning their search, but that majority of students find their research positions outside of the database.

Don’t do this:

Don’t send an email to every faculty member in your major/area of interest.
  • You want to find the opportunity that is right for you, not just any opportunity. The more specific and tailored your email is, the more success you will have connecting with potential faculty mentors. Also keep in mind that much of the research on campus is interdisciplinary (i.e. it crosses degree and subject areas), so interesting opportunities may exist outside of your major.
Don’t give up.
  • Many students are not successful in their first attempts to find a research position. Talk to our advisors for help in improving your application. They can help you approach faculty effectively, revise your resume, and refine your search strategies.

Research Opportunities Database

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