Undergraduate Research Program

Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium is an opportunity for undergraduates to present what they have learned through their research experiences to a larger audience.

In 2018, over 1,200 undergraduates participated in the Symposium, with more than 3,500 people attending.


The Symposium provides a forum for students, faculty, and the community to discuss cutting edge research topics. Undergraduates from all academic disciplines and all three UW campuses, plus invited campuses, are encouraged to apply to present at the Symposium.


Undergraduate research addresses pressing issues of population health

Population Health Initiative recognizes ten undergraduate researchers “for their innovative and well-presented population health research work” with the Population Health Recognition Awards. Learn about the students selected for this recognition at the Population Health Initiative website.

Outstanding Research Mentor Award

Mentors are a crucial part of the undergraduate research experience. Each year, the URP recognizes the University of Washington’s most outstanding research mentors through the Research Mentor Award. Students nominate mentors whose commitment to their learning has made an indelible impact in their research experience. We are pleased to honor┬áthis year’s awardees.

Questions about the Symposium? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.