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Mission, Vision, and Values


The Office of Undergraduate Research promotes undergraduate engagement in research and creative work at the University of Washington. We aim to make undergraduate research opportunities accessible to undergraduate students from any background or discipline. 

  • We support UW undergraduates through research courses and advising, presentation opportunities, conference travel support, and paid research and leadership experiences. 
  • We help research mentors advertise research positions and programs; bring awareness to student funding opportunities; and provide resources on effective, inclusive, and equitable mentoring practices. 
  • We collaborate with faculty, departments, and research centers to build capacity for undergraduate research through grant-writing and curricular innovation. 


To support transformative undergraduate research experiences that create spaces for student belonging, confidence building, community engagement, and the development of a student’s scholarly identity. We strive to center equity in our work and acknowledge that systemic exclusion from research spaces has created disproportionate challenges in research advancement for students from minoritized backgrounds. 


Experiential learning

We believe that undergraduates learn best by doing and that research provides an excellent opportunity for students to ask questions, develop practical skills, and see their classroom learning come to life.


We value the development of collaborative partnerships between undergraduates, research mentors, and other colleagues. We believe that undergraduates should be seen as active and capable partners in uncovering new knowledge.


We view students as catalysts for change, actively questioning, embracing diverse perspectives, and challenging existing knowledge. Such inclusive practices are crucial to the research process, as they empower individuals to bring forth fresh insights and inspire transformative thinking. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe that diversity is deeply connected to research innovation and excellence. We aim to promote inclusion and advance equity in research spaces in order to support the engagement of undergraduates from diverse backgrounds. Click here to read our commitment to diversity, equity, & inclusion. 


We believe that anyone interested in research should have an opportunity to engage in it. We work to break down barriers and misconceptions about who can participate in research so that students feel empowered to participate. 

Community & Belonging

We believe it is important to support students holistically throughout their research experience. Effective research mentors value students lived experiences, embrace their identities, recognize their strengths, and create supportive and inclusive environments where students can find community and belonging.