Undergraduate Research Program

Summer research information sessions

Thinking of applying for summer research programs? This info session addresses what you need to know to apply, including:


Summer Research Info sessions will be available Fall 2021

  • The application process
  • The personal statement
  • How to ask faculty for letters of recommendation
  • How to get the most out of your summer research experience

Note: Application deadlines for most summer research programs are early Winter Quarter.

Summer Research

Summer research programs provide opportunities for students to engage in immersive research experiences, to try something new or to take their experience to the next level, and to present their work. URP helps students to plan for summer research, find programs, and apply to programs at UW and elsewhere. For assistance, check out our listings below and see a URP adviser or attend a Summer Research Program Information Session.

URP co-hosted summer research programs

URP co-hosts several programs with research institutions and UW departments. These programs differ from on-campus research opportunities in that they usually require a formal application process (often during Winter Quarter); may be open to non-UW students; have a fixed term (often 9-10 weeks); and are full-time or close-to-full-time commitments (30-40 hours/week). Co-hosted programs originate from local and national organizations seeking to provide transformative research experiences for undergraduates. URP helps manage the operations – including logistics, comprehensive student advising and support – to ensure students have a successful summer research experience at the UW. Check out programs on the URP hosted summer research programs page.

Summer research programs at UW

The University of Washington and its affiliated organizations host several additional summer research programs. The structure and application process of these programs is similar to those co-hosted by URP. Check out programs on the Summer research programs at UW page.

Summer research programs beyond UW

There are hundreds of summer research programs hosted at other universities that may be of interest to UW students. We maintain a partial list of these programs and links to other searchable summer research program databases. Check out programs at our Summer research programs beyond UW page.