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Fall quarter appointments are limited due to a lack of staffing capacity. We are in the process of bringing additional advisors onto our team and will have more appointments available in the future.

Our advisors are available for advising on all aspects of undergraduate research, including:

  • Identifying potential research mentors
  • Writing an email to a potential mentor
  • Navigating through various research pathways and interests
  • Providing professional development/career advice
  • Applying for research programs
  • Identifying funding opportunities for research
  • Adapting your resume or CV to be research oriented
  • Presenting or publishing your research

Use the links below to schedule an appointment with an advisor:

Wait! Before your appointment…

Make sure to attend or watch a recording of our Undergraduate Research Information Session.

Learn the steps for getting involved in an undergraduate research experience at UW. This session covers what research at UW looks like, benefits of undergraduate research, who can get involved, and how to find and write an introductory email to a research mentor.

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