Undergraduate Research Program


How do I list an undergraduate research project on your web site?

Visit the Post a research opportunity page of this web site and follow the directions provided for UW faculty.

Does the Undergraduate Research Program provide financial support for students who conduct research?

Yes. Students may apply to the following awards via the URP:

Additionally, students are strongly encourage to apply for the Mary Gates Research Scholarship and other scholarship opportunities at UW and funding beyond UW.

Do you maintain a list of research opportunities beyond UW or a list of summer research opportunities?

Yes. See our Find research page to connect to listing of different kinds of opportunities.

Does UW have specific policies and forms for research involving humans or animals?

Yes. For work with humans, visit the Human Subjects Division web site. For work with animals, visit the UW Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee web site.

Can pre-college students or students under of the age of 18 conduct research at UW?

Under University and Washington State law minor employees and volunteers are not permitted to work with hazardous substances. This includes:

Minors ages 14-17 in the laboratory for purposes of education, as volunteer workers, or as employees may not be exposed to agents that pose higher health risks. These risks include such materials as human body fluids, radioactive and hazardous substances, or jobs requiring personal protective equipment other than gloves, boots, eye protection or hard hats (for more information, refer to UW Worksafe).

Other resources:

Can non-UW students do research in my lab?

Yes. However, there are policies and procedures you need to be aware of depending on the student’s enrollment status:

If the non-UW student is not receiving academic credit for her/his work, then she/he is considered to be a volunteer. The Office of Risk Management suggests that you send the volunteer an email or memo that outlines duties, dates of service, and confirms the volunteer assignment.

If the non-UW student is receiving academic credit, the UW regards them as visiting scholars, and you will need to have her/him sign a waiver. Download a Visiting Student Sample Agreement.

What happens if a student has an accident or injury in my lab?

Students are responsible for maintaining their own heath care while at the University of Washington. Those who do not have health insurance coverage are encouraged (not required) to take advantage of student health insurance options available at the UW. Information on student insurance is available at: https://www.washington.edu/ship/affordable-care/.

To ensure safe working conditions, all students are required to be trained in proper lab safety and labs must have strict safety protocols and training procedures in place. For more information on lab safety, visit: http://www.ehs.washington.edu/psoinfofor/labstaff.shtm.

I am interested in becoming a mentor, but don't have a particular research project for students at the moment. What should I do?

You are welcome to add a broad, general posting to our Research Opportunities Database. You may wish to simply summarize some of your research interests or project ideas and ask students to contact you if they are interested in pursuing a project. This type of posting is particularly useful for social science, humanities, and arts research where structured positions are less common and undergraduate research proceeds in an independent study model.

Do you have resources for undergraduates who are interested in presenting at conferences or publishing their work in a scholarly journal?

Yes we do. Visit our Conferences and publishing page for more.

How do I sign up to moderate a presentation session at the Undergraduate Research Symposium?

Thank you for volunteering! Just email urp@uw.edu with your name, department and contact information. And be sure to visit our Symposium page for more information.

I am interested in presenting at Research Exposed! How do I do it?

Simply email urp@uw.edu with your name, department, available Wednesdays, and proposed presentation topic. And be sure to visit our Research Exposed! page for more information, including past presenters and course schedule. Note: Research Exposed! is only offered during the Autumn and Winter quarters.

Would you conduct an Undergraduate Research 101 Information Session for my class?

Of course! Email urp@uw.edu with your course title, schedule, and location, and we’ll respond ASAP.