Action Items

The Action Items section displays any pending disclosures that you need to complete and provides a button for creating new disclosures. The following image shows three pending disclosures, one for an eGC1, one for CoMotion, and one for Human Subjects.

Action Items section with pending disclosures

Pending Disclosures

A pending disclosure is a disclosure you need to complete. The system creates one when either an eGC1 owner or the system sends disclosure notification emails to the investigators. The eGC1 owner can click the Send Disclosure Notification button on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page. If the owner routes the eGC1 to reviewers for approval without sending the notifications, the system will send them automatically. Also, when an investigator begins, but does not complete, a disclosure for Human Subjects Activity or a CoMotion Technology Transfer Agreement, the system creates a pending disclosure.

To complete a pending disclosure for a specific eGC1, CoMotion agreement, or Human Subjects Activity, click on the Complete Disclosure button to the right of the disclosure in the Action Items section.  Then make any necessary updates to your SFI and enter any other required information. The status of your completed disclosure for an eGC1 will display on its PI, Personnel, & Organizations page.

Create a New Disclosure

The Create New Disclosure button displays below the Action Items section, as shown in the following image.

action items no pending items

Click this button to start the process. The Disclosure Type page will display for you to select the appropriate type of disclosure. For more information see the Disclosure Types section.