Annual Updates


GIM 10 requires every Investigator to update his/her SFI disclosure at least annually.  Most active UW investigators have disclosed their SFI within the past year through developing a proposal and/or responding to a funding action.  For a few investigators, however, twelve months will go by after they last entered or updated their SFIs.  These investigators (and ONLY these investigators) will need to submit an annual update to their SFIs.

To assist in complying with this requirement, FIDS notifies investigators who have not entered or updated their SFIs for nearly 12 months.  Notifications will be issued 45 days before the annual update is due and again at 15 days if no update is submitted.

Because GIM 10 requires annual SFI updates, funding for new projects (or new eGC1s for existing projects) on which one or more investigators have not updated their SFIs in the past 12 months will be held by OSP until all investigators are current with their SFI updates.  In addition, the Institutional Official in the Office of Research has the authority under GIM 10 to suspend research that is not compliant with the requirements of GIM 10.

If you are an investigator who needs to submit an update for review by the Office of Research, follow the links to instructions to:

If a researcher is no longer an investigator on any currently active project or pending proposal, their name should be removed as an investigator on all currently active projects and pending proposals in SAGE.

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