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The Action Items section displays any pending disclosures that you need to complete and provides a button for creating new disclosures. The following image shows three pending disclosures, one for an eGC1, one for CoMotion, and one for Human Subjects.

Action Items section with pending disclosures

Pending Disclosures

A pending disclosure is a disclosure you need to complete. The system creates one when either an eGC1 owner or the system sends disclosure notification emails to the investigators. The eGC1 owner can click the Send Disclosure Notification button on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page. If the owner routes the eGC1 to reviewers for approval without sending the notifications, the system will send them automatically. Also, when an investigator begins, but does not complete, a disclosure for Human Subjects Activity or a CoMotion Technology Transfer Agreement, the system creates a pending disclosure.

To complete a pending disclosure for a specific eGC1, CoMotion agreement, or Human Subjects Activity, click on the Complete Disclosure button to the right of the disclosure in the Action Items section.  Then make any necessary updates to your SFI and enter any other required information. The status of your completed disclosure for an eGC1 will display on its PI, Personnel, & Organizations page.

Create a New Disclosure

The Create New Disclosure button displays below the Action Items section, as shown in the following image.

action items no pending items

Click this button to start the process. The Disclosure Type page will display for you to select the appropriate type of disclosure. For more information see the Disclosure Types section.

This page displays when you select “I need to make a disclosure for an eGC1.” on the Disclosure Type page and click Next.

The list of eGC1s here is the same list you see on your Profile page. An example list is shown in the following image.

select an eGC1 for primary

Select the radio button to the left of the specific eGC1 for this disclosure. It will become the Primary eGC1, and the status of this disclosure will appear on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page of this selected eGC1.

Once you select the appropriate eGC1, click Next to proceed to the Disclose Significant Financial Interests page.

To add an eGC1 to the list that displays on the Profile page, locate the eGC1, select it in the Add column, and click the Add button. You may only select one eGC1 at a time. The system will ask you to verify or change your role on this eGC1 and your Investigator status. The system will send an email to the PI and contacts of the eGC1 to notify them that you have changed the eGC1. They can notify OSP if sponsor approval is required.

Add an eGC1

Specify your project role

After you select an eGC1 to add, a pop-up window will display the project role option.

If you are the PI, you cannot change your role or investigator status in FIDS. You can edit the eGC1 in SAGE to change your role.

You can click the check box to indicate if you need to create a disclosure for this eGC1. This will add a pending disclosure in the Disclosure section of your Profile page.

Project Role PI

To exit without saving changes, click the Cancel link. To save your changes, click the Save button. You will return to the Additional Sponsored Research page where you may add another eGC1, request to be added to an eGC1, or return to your Profile Page.

If you are not the PI, indicate your investigator status and use the drop-down Role menu to confirm or select your project role from the following:

  • Key Personnel
  • Fellow
  • Mentor
  • Other
  • Multiple PI

Indicate whether you are in investigator. Note: An Investigator includes anyone independently responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research.

add project role not PI


If you do not see the eGC1 you wish to add to your list, you can send a request to the owners of the eGC1s.  Enter the eGC1’s number* and click the Request Access link. The system will email the PI and contacts to notify them of your request, and you will receive a copy of the email message. They can add you to the eGC1 and notify OSP if the sponsor needs to approve the change. Once they have added you to the eGC1, you will see it displayed on the Profile page.

*You will need to contact someone in your unit to obtain the eGC1 number.

Sample email message:

TO: PI, eGC1 Preparer, Admin Contact, Pre-Award Budget Contact
CC: the user making the requestFrom: fidshelp
Reply to:  the user who is making the request
Subject: Request to add additional personnel to eGC1 A99999
Body content

ACTION REQUIRED: If appropriate, access the eGC1 listed below and add this individual to the Personnel section.
Personnel to be Added – John Doe (johndoe) [netid]
Date of Request – 8/31/2012

Application # – A99999
Long title – Applying Geometry to Measuring Coastlines
PI name – Jayne Doe
Sponsor – American Mathematical Society

If sponsor approval is required for a personnel change, be sure to notify OSP.

This section lists your recently created, approved, and/or awarded eGC1s. The information displayed is

  • the eGC1 (application proposal) number
  • the full title
  • your role
  • the sponsor
  • the current status of the eGC1.

You cannot change this information in FIDS. You may be able to update some of it in SAGE.

Note:  For a definition of “recently created, approved and/or awarded” see the eGC1s Displayed section.

The following image shows an example of this section, and indicates the Can’t see your eGC1? link.


current sponsored research projects section

If you don’t see an eGC1 listed for which you are an investigator, you can include it on this list by clicking the Can’t see your eGC1? link and following the instructions. For more information on how to do this, see the Add Additional Sponsored Research section.

The Disclosures section lists all of your pending and completed disclosures. The following image shows an example list.

disclosure section

The values listed for existing disclosures are:

  • Disclosure ID: automatically generated by FIDS. For completed disclosures, you may click the Disclosure IDs to see read-only views of your point-in-time disclosures. If your disclosure’s status is Review Complete or No Review Required, you may edit it. You will see an Edit this Disclosure button at the bottom of the page.
  • eGC1 Number: the primary eGC1 linked with this disclosure. Your disclosure status will appear on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page of this eGC1. You will see “(not available)” displayed for disclosures that do not have a primary eGC1.
  • Date Disclosed: when you completed the disclosure.
  • Status
    • Disclosure Required: you need to complete this disclosure.
    • Disclosure Complete: you have completed this disclosure.
  • Review Status
    • Review Required: generally, this indicates the disclosure has related SFI, and the reviewer needs to review this disclosure now
    • Waiting for JIT (Just in Time):  the system will assess the need for review at the appropriate time
    • No Review Required: generally, this indicates no related SFI, and therefore no review is needed
    • Pending Answer: the reviewer needs information from the investigator; this status is set by the reviewers
    • Review Complete: the reviewer completed reviewing the disclosure

For more information, see the Disclosure Review Statuses section.


  • If an investigator is removed from an eGC1, the system will delete the pending disclosure within 24 hours.
  • If a person’s investigator setting is changed from Yes to No, any completed disclosure will be disassociated from the eGC1, and as needed, the disclosure’s status will be reset to Waiting for JIT.
Why isn’t my disclosure showing up on my eGC1?

There are two ways to link a disclosure to a specific eGC1.

  • Complete a pending disclosure for the eGC1 using the Complete Disclosure button in the Action Items section of your Profile page.
  • Use the Create New Disclosure button to create a disclosure for a selected eGC1. This button appears below the Action Items section.

For details on how to do either of these, see the Disclosures section of the FIDS User Guide.

Do I need to disclose my SFI for every eGC1?

If you are an investigator on an eGC1 that is submitted to a sponsor or that receives funding after 8/16/2012, then you will be required to complete a new disclosure for that eGC1. Click the Complete Disclosure button on your profile page in FIDS and then select the appropriate option for SFI. You do not need to re-enter your SFI information if there have been no changes.

You can use the Create New Disclosure button to create a disclosure for a specific eGC1 before receiving the disclosure email notification.

All disclosures on new eGC1s must be completed before the application can be sent to the sponsor. Failure to complete a disclosure on time may result in sponsor deadlines being missed.

An eGC1 displays in the Current eGC1s section of the FIDS Profile page if it is:

  • Composing, where today’s date is less than proposed start date plus one month.
  • Withdrawn, where today’s date is less than proposed start date plus one month.
  • Returned, where today’s date is less than proposed start date plus one month.
  • Routing, where today’s date is less than proposed start date plus one month.
  • In OSP, where today’s date is less than proposed start date plus one month.
  • Awarded, where the end date is in the future, or within the previous 12 months.
  • Approved where the start date is in the future, or is 6 months in the past.
  • An eGC1 where your personnel record changed in the previous 12 months.

Additional eGC1s display when you select the Can’t see your eGC1? link. They are:

  • eGC1s in Composing, Withdrawn, Returned, Routing, In OSP, Awarded or Approved status where the start/end dates are outside the time limits set above. The exception to this is an eGC1 where your personnel record changed in the previous 12 months.
  • Denied eGC1s
  • Permanently withdrawn eGC1s

FIDS does not display any discarded eGC1s.