History of Disclosure Changes Section

The History section will display all changes made after the investigator completes the disclosure and before the review status becomes Review Complete or No Review Required. The information displayed includes the date and time of the change, who generated the change, the type of change, and any notes. The two types of change are:

  • SFI change
    • The addition of new SFI
    • An update or deletion of an existing SFI
    • The selection or deselection of SFI on an eGC1 disclosure with a sponsor that does not require UW to review SFI
  • Review Status change. When the Institutional Official changes the status, the change will display. The Review Statuses are
    • Review Required
    • Waiting for JIT
    • No Review Required
    • Duplicate
    • Review Complete

History will not display any additional SFI changes once the disclosure is 30 days past the completion of the review. The following image shows an example of the History section.

disclosure history section