Request to be Added to an eGC1

If you do not see the eGC1 you wish to add to your list, you can send a request to the owners of the eGC1s.  Enter the eGC1’s number* and click the Request Access link. The system will email the PI and contacts to notify them of your request, and you will receive a copy of the email message. They can add you to the eGC1 and notify OSP if the sponsor needs to approve the change. Once they have added you to the eGC1, you will see it displayed on the Profile page.

*You will need to contact someone in your unit to obtain the eGC1 number.

Sample email message:

TO: PI, eGC1 Preparer, Admin Contact, Pre-Award Budget Contact
CC: the user making the requestFrom: fidshelp
Reply to:  the user who is making the request
Subject: Request to add additional personnel to eGC1 A99999
Body content

ACTION REQUIRED: If appropriate, access the eGC1 listed below and add this individual to the Personnel section.
Personnel to be Added – John Doe (johndoe) [netid]
Date of Request – 8/31/2012

Application # – A99999
Long title – Applying Geometry to Measuring Coastlines
PI name – Jayne Doe
Sponsor – American Mathematical Society

If sponsor approval is required for a personnel change, be sure to notify OSP.