Equity Section

Investigators must disclose equity and equity options that they receive. This section will display if you selected “Equity Interest” in the Entity section. Use it to provide details on the equity you hold in the named entity.

Equity: Any interest in the profits of, or other ownership interest in any commercial or non-profit enterprise, including common stock and other equity securities, and any right to acquire any of the foregoing such as an option, warrant or other security convertible into an equity security.

The following image shows the Equity section with Dollar Value Unknown checked to display the Explain field.

Field Description
Value of Equity You must enter this value unless you checked the Dollar Value Unknown check box. The value must be zero or greater. You may include the dollar sign ($), commas and a period in this field.
Dollar Value Unknown Check this if the value of the equity is unknown. If checked, an explanation field will display. You must include an explanation.
Explain (If dollar value unknown) This field will display only if you selected the Dollar Value Unknown check box. This field is required when it displays. The system will discard any text entered in this field if you deselect the check box. There is a maximum of 500 characters.
Percentage Ownership This field will display if you selected the Entity type “For Profit: Privately Held”. This field is required when it displays. Type in the percentage ownership.
Date Equity Acquired Use the pop-up calendar to select a date, or type one in using the month/day/year format (for example, 10/31/2013). This field is required.