The Disclosures section lists all of your pending and completed disclosures.

disclosure section

The values listed for existing disclosures are:

  • Disclosure ID: automatically generated by FIDS. For completed disclosures, you may click the Disclosure IDs to see read-only views of your point-in-time disclosures. From here, you may edit your disclosure, if it does not have a review status of Review Complete or No Review Required, by clicking the Edit this Disclosure button at the bottom of the page.
  • eGC1 Number: the primary eGC1 linked with this disclosure. Your disclosure status will appear on the PI & Personnel page of this eGC1. You will see “(not available)” displayed for disclosures that do not have a primary eGC1.
  • Date Disclosed: when you completed the disclosure.
  • Status
    • Disclosure Required: you need to complete this disclosure.
    • Disclosure Complete: you have completed this disclosure.
  • Review Status
    • Review Required: generally, this indicates the disclosure has related SFI, and the reviewer needs to review this disclosure now
    • Waiting for JIT: ┬áthe system will assess the need for review at the appropriate time
    • No Review Required: generally, this indicates no related SFI, and therefore no review is needed
    • Pending Answer: the reviewer needs information from the investigator; this status is set by the reviewers
    • Review Complete: the reviewers completed reviewing the disclosure

For more information, see the Disclosure Review Statuses section.


  • If an investigator on an eGC1 is removed, their pending disclosure will be deleted from their FIDS profile within 24 hours.
  • If a person’s investigator setting is changed from Yes to No, any completed disclosure will be disassociated from the eGC1, and as needed, the disclosure’s status will be reset to Waiting for JIT.

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