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FIDS Profile – Title Value if Multiple Appointments

Issue: When an investigator has multiple appointments, the value selected for the Title field in the FIDS Profile is chosen randomly from the list.This means it may not be the value preferred by the investigator.

Workaround: The investigator has the option to update the title field.

Uninitialized FIDS Profiles may be lacking email addresses

Issue: The email address used for an investigator’s FIDS Profile comes from their UW Directory entry. If they chose not to include an email address in the directory, then the notification is never actually delivered. Once the investigator opens their profile, they are required to add an email address. That ensures that all future notifications will be delivered.

Workaround: Encourage investigators to access their FIDS Profile and add an email address if they have not included one in the UW Directory.


This section displays any pending disclosures that you need to complete and provides a button for creating new disclosures.

Action Items section with pending disclosures

Pending Disclosures

A pending disclosure is a disclosure you need to complete. The system creates one when either an eGC1 owner or the system sends disclosure notification emails to the investigators. The eGC1 owner can click the Send Disclosure Notification button on the PI & Personnel page. If the owner completes the eGC1 to start it routing for approval without sending the notifications, the system will send them automatically. Also, when an investigator begins but does not complete a disclosure for Human Subjects Activity or a CoMotion Technology Transfer Agreement, the system creates a pending disclosure.

To complete a pending disclosure for a specific eGC1, CoMotion agreement, or Human Subjects Activity, click on the Complete Disclosure button.  Then make any necessary updates to your SFI and enter any other required information. The status of your completed disclosure for an eGC1 will display on its PI & Personnel page.

action items no pending items

The Create New Disclosure button displays below the Action Items section. Click this button to display the Disclosure Type page for you to select the appropriate type of disclosure. For more information see the Disclosure Types section.


The first two fields, described below, display as read-only; you cannot edit them. This information is obtained from UW HR and is automatically updated every time you log in.

  • Name, with your Employer Identification (EID) in parentheses.
  • Primary Position Unit lists the unit name and its organization code

You can edit your Contact Phone, Email Address, and Title. The system auto-populates these. The Office of Research will use your email address or phone number to contact you if they have questions.

Your contact information and title do not need to match the information as it appears in SAGE. Note that you must enter values for all of these fields.

investigator details example


This section lists your recently created, approved and/or awarded eGC1s. The information displayed is

  • the eGC1 (application proposal) number
  • the full title
  • your role
  • the sponsor
  • the current status of the eGC1.

You cannot change this information in FIDS. You may be able to update some of it in SAGE.

Note:  For a definition of “recently created, approved and/or awarded” see the eGC1s Displayed section.

sponsored research list

If you don’t see an eGC1 listed for which you are an investigator, you can include it on this list by clicking the Can’t see your eGC1? link and following the instructions. For more information on how to do this, see the Add Additional Sponsored Research section.


You can see all of your existing Significant Financial Interests (SFI) listed in this section.

You can add, edit, or delete SFIs when you are creating a disclosure. Select Complete Disclosure or  Create New Disclosure in the Action Items section to start this process.

Disclose New Significant Financial Interest

If you are an investigator for an eGC1 with a Public Health Service (PHS) sponsor, you must disclose all Significant Financial Interests (SFI) related to your Institutional Duties, as defined by GIM 10: Financial Conflict of Interest Policy. FIDS will automatically link all of your SFI to any PHS-funded eGC1 disclosures.  An eGC1 is PHS-sponsored if either the Sponsor or the Originating Sponsor is a PHS one. A list of PHS Sponsors is available.

If your eGC1’s sponsor is not PHS, you should only include those SFI related to the eGC1’s research. Specifically, SFI related to research means that the SFI either impacts, or could appear to impact, the design, conduct, or reporting of any current or proposed research projects.


The Disclosures section lists all of your pending and completed disclosures.

disclosure section

The values listed for existing disclosures are:

  • Disclosure ID: automatically generated by FIDS. For completed disclosures, you may click the Disclosure IDs to see read-only views of your point-in-time disclosures. From here, you may edit your disclosure, if it does not have a review status of Review Complete or No Review Required, by clicking the Edit this Disclosure button at the bottom of the page.
  • eGC1 Number: the primary eGC1 linked with this disclosure. Your disclosure status will appear on the PI & Personnel page of this eGC1. You will see “(not available)” displayed for disclosures that do not have a primary eGC1.
  • Date Disclosed: when you completed the disclosure.
  • Status
    • Disclosure Required: you need to complete this disclosure.
    • Disclosure Complete: you have completed this disclosure.
  • Review Status
    • Review Required: generally, this indicates the disclosure has related SFI, and the reviewer needs to review this disclosure now
    • Waiting for JIT:  the system will assess the need for review at the appropriate time
    • No Review Required: generally, this indicates no related SFI, and therefore no review is needed
    • Pending Answer: the reviewer needs information from the investigator; this status is set by the reviewers
    • Review Complete: the reviewers completed reviewing the disclosure

For more information, see the Disclosure Review Statuses section.


  • If an investigator on an eGC1 is removed, their pending disclosure will be deleted from their FIDS profile within 24 hours.
  • If a person’s investigator setting is changed from Yes to No, any completed disclosure will be disassociated from the eGC1, and as needed, the disclosure’s status will be reset to Waiting for JIT.

When you log in to the Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS) using your UW NetID, the first page you see is your Profile page.

This page displays

  • information about you
  • “action items” where you may create or complete a disclosure
  • your current sponsored research projects
  • any SFI already entered
  • any disclosures pending or already completed

From this page you can complete any pending disclosures, create a new disclosure, or edit an existing disclosure that has not yet been reviewed. The following articles will cover each section of the profile page.