July 2019 Maintenance Release

Change of Review Status Now Allowed in Reviewer Module

FIDS reviewers are now able to revert a previously completed disclosure back to an earlier status, directly from the reviewer module. This will allow reviewers to revisit earlier disclosures when new SFI is added or make corrections as required.

FIX: Application PI eGC1s are not displaying properly in FIDS

The FIDS profile and reviewer modules have been updated to properly display all recent eGC1s for an investigator, including those for which the investigator is listed as the Application PI.

FIX: FIDS SFI not displaying when in FIDS Reviewer detail

An issue that was causing a rare discrepancy between SFI totals and SFI detail view in FIDS Reviewer has been resolved. The discrepancy occurred when an SFI’s End Date occurred exactly 1 year prior to a disclosure’s Date Review Completed.Totals and detail views now share the same display rules which compare date only and exclude time.