Significant Financial Interests

You can see all of your existing Significant Financial Interests (SFI) listed in this section. The information displayed is:

  • Name of Entity
  • Interest Holder
  • Nature of Interest
  • Entity Type
  • Value

The following image shows an example list.

existing significant financial interests

You can add, edit, or delete SFI when you are creating a disclosure. Select Complete Disclosure or Create New Disclosure in the Action Items section to start this process.

If you are an investigator for an eGC1 with a sponsor or originating sponsor that requires UW review of SFI, you must disclose all Significant Financial Interests (SFI) related to your Institutional Duties, as defined by GIM 10: Financial Conflict of Interest Policy. FIDS will automatically link all of your SFI to any of these types of eGC1 disclosures.

If your eGC1’s sponsor does not require UW review of SFI, you should only include those SFI related to the eGC1’s research. Specifically, SFI related to research means that the SFI either impacts, or could appear to impact, the design, conduct, or reporting of any current or proposed research projects.