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February 21, 2013

Drugs to slow aging are a matter of when, not if

UW Health Sciences & UW Medicine

Evidence suggests it will someday be possible to slow down aging and delay the onset of diseases common in the elderly.

Using amount of fish caught as measure of fisheries health is misleading

News and Information

Do changes in the amount of fish caught necessarily reflect the number of fish in the sea? “No,” say UW researchers in a “Counterpoint” commentary in Nature.

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Changes in undergraduate teaching are continuous and pervasive, new research finds

News and Information

Conventional wisdom says that faculty at research universities focus mostly on research and not so much on their teaching skills. Not so, according to a new book based on interviews with University of Washington faculty.

Arts Roundup: Drama, art, music, lectures — and the Dance Majors Concert

News and Information

Dance and drama lead this busy week of UW Arts, with the School of Drama’s production of “Pentecost,” the visiting Black Grace dance company and later, the 2013 Dance Majors concert.

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MyPlan enhances student academic advising, planning


A powerful new online academic planning tool enhances the advising experience for both students and advisers. MyPlan makes it easier for students to find courses, develop an academic plan, track progress, and receive adviser input. Advisers have the ability to review and comment on academic plans electronically and view easy-to-read (html-enhanced) degree audits. Released this

Documents that Changed the World: A papal resignation

News and Information

A new episode in the podcast series about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, and other famous resignations.

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February 20, 2013

Searchable by cell phone or GPS unit, interactive map for arboretum being created

Environmental and Forest Sciences

UW Botanic Gardens is digitizing 55 years of handwritten plant records and creating an interactive GIS map for the Washington Park Arboretum.

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UW researcher finds new scorpion species

News and Information

February 19, 2013

UW selects Jeffrey Riedinger as vice provost for global affairs

News and Information

Jeffrey Riedinger has been named vice provost for global affairs at the University of Washington

Mutant champions save imperiled species from almost-certain extinction

News and Information

Species facing widespread and rapid environmental changes can sometimes evolve quickly enough to dodge the extinction bullet. UW scientists consider the genetic underpinnings of such evolutionary rescue.

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