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September 10, 2013

New Sports Medicine Center at Husky Stadium is a game-changer for all athletes

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antogravity treadmill

Sarah Gustafson, a physical therapist at the new Sports Medicine Center at Husky Stadium, demonstrates the anti-gravity treadmill. The treadmill can be used to help rehabilitate runners after injury.McKenna Princing

This week the newest UW Medicine Sports Medicine Center opened its doors to the community.

The clinic, housed at the south end of Husky Stadium, relocated from its old spot next to Edmundson Pavillion. The move-out took only three days, but the project began in late 2010.

The new location – and spacious 30,000 square foot facility – makes coming to appointments and treatment sessions more convenient for patients, because their doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, radiologists, and other sports medicine specialists are now gathered underneath the same roof.

“I’m extremely excited to work with this amazing group of physicians,” said Dr. Mark Harrast, medical director of the new center.  “Our new location enables us to provide an even higher level of care using a collaborative, team-based approach.” Harrast is a UW clinical associate professor of rehabilitation medicine and of orthopedics and sports medicine.

The new facility offers the same treatment and care options as the other three UW Medicine sports medicine clinics, as well as special services, including an expanded Physical Therapy Clinic and Sports Cardiology and Running Medicine programs. The center is home to a brand-new Sports Performance Center where injured athletes can undergo rehabilitation and healthy athletes can work on “prehab” strategies to prevent sports injury and improve performance.

admin sports med ribbon cutting

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Sports Medicine Center at Husky Stadium was held Monday, Sept. 9. From left to right: are Dr. Stanley Herring, medical director of UW Medicine Sports, Spine and Orthopedic Health; Stephen P. Zieniewicz, executive director for UWMC; Johnese Spisso, chief health system officer for UW Medicine; and Dr. Paul G Ramsey, CEO, UW Medicine.

One of the features of the Exercise Performance Center is an anti-gravity treadmill. The treadmill works by decreasing an athlete’s body weight during running, tthereby taking pressure off the legs. Small cameras at the base of the treadmill allow runners to see their own stride on a large television screen as they run. The treadmill is used for rehabilitation after injury, as well as for training

Other therapies featured are platelet-rich plasma treatment for chronic tendon injuries, and musculoskeletal ultrasound for diagnosing muscle and tendon injuries, as well as treating these injuries with ultrasound-guided injections.

The specialists at the new center treat anyone with a passion for activity, from recreation enthusiasts to college athletes like the UW Huskies and professionals like the Seattle’s Seahawks and Mariners.

“Even though our physicians treat high-performing athletes, we are also here for the weekend warrior and the general public,” said Harrast. “Anyone with activity-related pain, be it from hiking, gardening, golf, or running a marathon, is welcome to see us.”

Other UW Medicine sports medicine care locations include Harborview Medical Center, the UW Medical Center at Roosevelt, and the Eastside Specialty Center in Bellevue.

The Sports Medicine Center at Husky Stadium is holding an open house for the general public from 1-3 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 19. Parking will be free. Come to the South Entrance of Husky Stadium and proceed up to the first floor.