University Marketing & Communications

April 14, 2010

What people are saying

By Gina Hills

dawghouseThe new UW home page has been live for two full weekdays now, and about 200 of you have taken the time to share your thoughts. Some of you love it, some hate it.  We’ve read every word you’ve shared — or YELLED. And we  have already made some adjustments in response. More on that in an upcoming post. But first… we thought we’d share a few choice quotes:

↑ I love our new homepage.  Clean, dynamic, something we can all be proud of.

↓ The new website is pretty ugly.  …  Don’t try to be so modern and fancy.

↑ I really like the new look.  It is unlike other websites I’ve seen so it’s great to have UW out in the forefront. 

↓ It sucks BIG TIME!

↑ Really a big improvement on the previous setup.

↓ Did you have to take a nice, mostly well-organized front page and turn it into another ugly obnoxious “LOOK AT ME!” trendy eyesore?

↑ I really like it. Its very easy to use and navigate.

↓ the ipod looking story links should be accessed by rolling across them not with the slide bar. anyone older than dirt won’t be able to figure them out and will think the page doesn’t work.

↑ Been a long time coming, but this is state of the art, beautiful, and functional

↓ Too busy.  Too many  “list” formats.  Too many columns.

↑ It is a joy to navigate through, very intuitive, love the combination of purple with relief of grey text on white background – very easy on the eyes. I was able to find everything I looked for. Bottomline – beautiful and works great!