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April 11, 2013

UW Theme 1.2.8 release


UW Theme 1.2.8 logo

Welcome to our inaugural WordPress release notice! These posts are not meant to replace our history updates/release notes on GitHub. Instead, I envision this as a way to announce more notable updates and what they mean for our users.

Those of you self-hosting our theme can get the new 1.2.8 UW WordPress Theme release over at GitHub.

And those of you hosted by us need not take action—as always, you get every update piping hot the instant we finish.

What we improved for 1.2.8

I think 1.2.8 is one of our more exciting recent updates for content folks. We made some bug fixes, changed H3 styling, and improved a few widgets. We also added two very needed functionalities to the Dashboard, which are detailed below.

Update files—and keep the same URL

We added a much needed Replace Media function. This will allow you to upload new versions of a PDF, Word or Excel file and keep the original URL. No more having to manually update the many pages/posts where that file was linked!

Read the step-by-step tutorial on how to update documents in our WordPress theme.

Smarter Subpage Menu widget

Screenshot of fly-out menu

Before this release, only custom menus could have secondary (or fly-out) menu items.

The other addition is you can now have secondary menu items when using the Subpage Menu widget. The Subpage widget creates an auto-generated menu for the right-hand sidebar and used to display just immediate subpages. (Did I lose you yet? If so, check out the create a subpage section in the WordPress Codex.)

Now you can change the settings from the widget’s drop-down to go “two deep.” When you set the depth to two, the subpages of the subpages will display as fly-out menu items on the live site.

To keep the menus usable, we only allow one level of fly-outs. It’s just too hard for me site visitors to try to navigate fly-outs of fly-outs.