January 21, 2014

A refreshing new look for the UW home page

By Jeff Hendrickson

This week marks the debut of a refreshed University of Washington home page. The website features a host of under-the-hood enhancements such as a responsive design and improved accessibility and navigation. The purple jellyfish background has met its demise, revealing a lighter, brighter color scheme.

The content and navigation remain largely the same and the functionality and appearance have been upgraded. Top stories now have larger photos and one-click access. The spotlight section offers more opportunities to highlight UW events and websites. ‘Around Campus’ will promote compelling UW news, sports and arts. Plus, we will feature the most popular sites for students, faculty and staff.

This update sets the foundation for future upgrades coming later this year. Stay tuned.

If you have any feedback or errors to report, please email us at uweb@uw.edu.

Homepage screenshot

4 Responses to “A refreshing new look for the UW home page”

  1. Bruce Wheaton says:

    Just to let you know, someone just send me an email that they “tried accessing the UW Medicine site from the main UW website which changed yesterday, and the link does not appear to be working.”

    In IE8 and Firefox, only the first half of the U is clickable.

    In Chrome, all of the letters up to the c are clickable.


  2. Mindy Messenger says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for letting us know! We discovered the Medicine link issue yesterday and fixed it this morning at about 10 AM.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The new look lacks any link to the libraries. Surely, libraries are one of the central pillars of any university, and access to them at home has become a mainstay of research.

  4. Mindy Messenger says:

    Hi Anonymous,

    My team agrees with you and made sure we gave the Libraries site as much love as in the past. The link to UW Library system is in the same prominent place it has always been—the tan “band” at the very top of the site. All UW websites are strongly encouraged to use this band so users can always navigate to key UW sites (like the Libraries site). Furthermore, we have linked University Libraries in multiple places in the main gray navigation bar (as before), plus in the “Helpful Links” area for both “Current Students” and “Faculty/Staff.”

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