University Marketing & Communications

July 12, 2013

Happy Friday Student Life cover photo

By Katherine Turner

This cover photo for UW Student Life is pretty freakin’ rad. I remember seeing it a while back, and in search of a good photo to ogle over this week I’m happy to see this one again.

It’s a great silhouette and strong subject. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the lightest area of a photograph, so having the sun directly behind the skateboarder helps draw your attention in. The leading lines from the top of the buildings on left and right also point directly at the skateboarder. And the outline of his silhouette doesn’t compete with the background – nice timing with the mid-air kick flip* and well-thought composition.

And it looks like the skateboarder is about to squash George. And that just makes me happy.
sepia-toned silhouette of skateboarder at sunset on Red Square mid-air in a kick flip

*I might be pretending that I know skateboard tricks, or I might really know what I’m talking about.