University Marketing & Communications

June 10, 2013

Preview of Web Team projects


The Web Team has been working behind the scenes on a number of projects we’ll roll out over the next few weeks. To whet your appetite, here’s a rundown (and screenshots!):

UW WordPress theme makeover

Dane and Kilian are doing a massive overhaul of our WordPress theme. The look and feel won’t differ much, but they are completely rethinking the backend approach to our theme. Kilian already wrote about LESS CSS and our new dev workflow, so I’m gonna stick to the pretty side of things.

Widgetized layouts

The biggest front-end change is that we’ll allow a modular (or “widgetized”) layout for content on your “homepage.” This means more flexibility and freedom for your front pages, and we’re hoping it’s a more intuitive experience for everyone. Below is Kilian’s mockup:

Screenshot of the new "widgetized" homepage

Preview of what some of the new “modules” or “widgets” might look like on a site running our UW WordPress theme.

Improved mobile menu

Preview of the mobile-responsive menu

Preview of our new mobile menu. Click image to enlarge.

Another big change will be a facelift to our mobile menu. The search box, main UW resources and top-level menus currently have their own spaces on mobile screens. But no more! Kilian worked his design magic and settled on combining these three under one menu button. We do not have the exact menu set at this time, so the screenshot is a blurred peek at what you can expect.

We’re also testing the idea of moving the secondary menu to a more prominent drop-down at the top of a mobile page (sorry, no screenshot). We’ve gotten some feedback from site owners that having these menus below page content is unappealing, so we hope this new version addresses those concerns while keeping site content front and center.

Improved emergency & safety communications

We’re working on some minor improvements to the UW Alert Blog, better SMS/email/social media emergency notices from a new vendor, and a one-stop-shop safety information page (at the soon-to-launch No glamorous eye-candy here, but all of these properties will be crucial to streamlining and improving our safety and emergency messaging at the UW.

New UW Calendar

UW-IT is working on a new campus-wide calendaring system called Trumba that should be available sometime in June/July (read more about Trumba on IT Connect). While this is a UW-IT project, we are advising on the branding and design of the main UW Events Calendar. Here’s a preview of the current design (may change some between now and launch):

Screenshot of Trumba calendar list view

Screenshot of the new calendar in “list view.”

Screenshot of Trumba calendar grid view

Screenshot of the new calendar in “grid view.”

If you’re interested in using the new calendar, keep an eye on IT Connect for more details. You can also contact if you have questions.