Hey, hey, we’re the Huskies


If you were on campus Friday, you might have noticed some activity over on Red Square. So what was going on? Why, HuskyFest 2013 and an Earth Day kick-off, you sillies. Check out the videos made by Katherine and Kilian to relive the festivities.

April Web Council recap


Just in time for the afternoon slump, here’s our Tegrity recording from today’s Web Council. We learn from Ian Lurie on how to increase search engine ranking by making our content “weird, useful, and significant.” Then we hear from Gina Hills and Terry Thompson about how to use SiteImprove to improve web site accessibility.

Seattle PyCamp 2013

Grumpy Persian cat

If you care about Python or you want to learn what all the fuss is about, then I have great news. On September 9th through the 13th, UW is proud to host the Seattle PyCamp 2013! If you have not heard about this amazing resource or want to learn more, please keep reading.

Banner Pack – Spring 2013 edition


Hot off the presses, it’s the spring release of what will be an ongoing series of Wordpress banner packs using photography from around our beautiful campus. Included are 14 custom headers that can be easily uploaded to your UW Wordpress theme.

SEO & accessibility: April 2013 Web Council

Code Camp Thumbs Up!

We’re very excited about this week’s Web Council lineup. We’ll have special guest Ian Lurie teach us practical ways to increase our search visibility (go SEO!), plus we’ll learn about improving site accessibility using SiteImprove.

UW Theme 1.2.8 release

UW Theme 1.2.8 logo

Welcome to our inaugural WordPress release notice! These posts are not meant to replace our history updates/release notes on GitHub. Instead, I envision this as a way to announce more notable updates and what they mean for our users. Those of you self-hosting our theme can get the new 1.2.8 UW WordPress Theme release over… Read More

Create a WordPress image gallery

WordPress logo

The Marketing Web Team has created a custom image gallery for our UW WordPress Theme. Our gallery can be added to any page, post or homepage running our theme.

Update documents in WordPress

WordPress logo

Have you ever made a change to a PDF or Word Document hosted on your WordPress site, only to upload the new version and find that the URL has changed? The Marketing Web Team has added a “Replace Media” option to the UW Theme, which will allow you to upload new versions of the same document and keep the original URL.

Embed a video into your WordPress page or post

WordPress logo

Videos are a great way to enhance your pages and posts. Our current WordPress theme makes it easy to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos by using only a URL, while embedding UWTV videos requires a few extra steps.