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Friday link roundup – June 13


This week we’ve rounded up ideas on better sharing data for others to use, an interesting multimedia experience that showcases a fashion and animal charity collaboration, plus a science-backed examination on why people persist in believing things that aren’t true.

Friday link roundup – June 6


Monday was Apple’s WWDC, so we’re all rather excited about their new programming language named Swift. How The Guardian is rethinking their digital design, an app that improves Facebook’s prototyping tool, and one final link from Katherine before she moves on to better and brighter things round out the week.

Friday link roundup – May 30


It’s the end of a short workweek and we’re celebrating with a robust Friday link roundup! Just a few of the gems we uncovered are an article about augmented reality for NYC subway maps, a no-process process to help you unleash your full creative (and coding) potential, and four myths about Apple design from a former Apple employee.

Friday link roundup – May 23


Happy World Turtle Day! This week, we’ve rounded up a new guide on writing for the Web, an unbiased article on the strengths and weaknesses of the popular JavaScript frameworks, and a blog for digital project managers.

Friday link roundup – May 16


For this week’s link roundup, we found a presentation with actionable tips on how to improve your content via analytics and user testing, an interactive climate change app, plus a lighter CSS framework that Kilian thinks will stick around for some time.

Data visualization and screen reader demo: May 2014 Web Council

Screenshot from data visualization tool

Join us for another action-packed Web Council this Thursday! John Wilkerson, Nick Stramp and Christian Schmidt will discuss wrangling decades of lawmaking data into a interactive and visual online tool, new UW accessibility team member Hadi Rangin will demo screen reader technology, and Web Team developer Jon finally gets to present on choosing the best tool for the job.

Friday link roundup – May 9


This week, we’ve discovered a crowd-funded tool that allows you to build your own custom CMS, a collection of articles that explain Net Neutrality and its possible impacts, and an old but good article on how to write proper links in your web content.

Friday link roundup – May 2


It’s Friday! And that means another link round up. Some of the things we’ve discovered this week are a children’s book that teaches kids how to code, 25 tips for building better mobile sites, plus an adorable video of a hamster eating a tiny burrito.

2014 Seattle & Portland conferences for Web professionals


A few people have recently asked me about professional conferences I would recommend, so I decided it was time for a local conference roundup. This post turned into a relatively comprehensive list of conferences for anyone who works in the Web, whether you’re a content person or a developer.

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