University Marketing & Communications

February 15, 2013

New WordPress image galleries


Here’s a late Valentine’s gift from Dane and Kilian: beautiful new image galleries for your WordPress sites. Take the gallery below for a spin to see the magic in action (and to admire Katherine’s photos).

There’s a lot of awesomeness packed in this gallery design, but here are my favorite features:

  • A cleaner, less cluttered way to include many images on page.
  • A slideshow experience without bloated code or the need for yet another plugin.
  • Social sharing links that are automatic for expanded images.
  • Title and optional caption overlay appear on hover (both for thumbnails and the expanded image).

If your site is hosted by the Marketing Web Team, then you already have the new gallery at your fingertips. (Those of you self-hosting our theme can download the latest release at the usual place.)

Finally, you may also notice that the Media Library in WordPress is quite different—this comes with a WordPress update Dane made in tandem with the gallery update. Our step-by-step image tutorial now reflects these changes.